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How to choose the best sun lounger


Sunloungers in the Sun!


In the hospitality sector, sun loungers are one of the most important elements when it comes to offering our customers an unforgettable experience. Synonymous with moments of maximum relaxation, comfort and switching off, you should choose them carefully. Otherwise, the memory of this idyllic moment can become overshadowed. The same can be said for your home outdoor setting and space

One of the key aspects is their location. We all know that sun loungers are no longer the exclusive territory of beach and pool areas. Hotel and resort gardens are also an ideal place to lie down and switch off. In addition, many bars have decided to incorporate sun loungers into their terraces for the customers’ enjoyment, also adding a distinguished and chic air to them.

Other fundamental features are the functionality and materials the sun loungers are made from as they will determine, to a large extent, how resistant and durable they are. On this point we should differentiate between the material of the structure and the seat.

Below we are going to examine all of these aspects more closely, so you are a bit clearer about how to choose the best sun lounger for hospitality, home or just for fun!

Location: sun loungers for the beach, pool, garden, terrace or just plain alfresco

Where are you going to situate your sun loungers? This is the first question you should ask yourself when you are going to buy sun loungers for your hotel or establishment.

Sea, swimming pool, garden…Each area has specific characteristics in terms of exposure to the sun, humidity or the use our customers make of them. It is therefore important to have this in mind when choosing the perfect sun lounger.

Humidity and long hours of sun are the main elements you should consider in relation to your pool sun lounger. Materials will play a fundamental role: opt for a rust-proof structure and upholstery that is water repellent and with a high resistance to sunlight. In addition, this fabric should be antibacterial to prevent the spread of bacteria due to humidity and continued use.

In the case of sun loungers for beach areas, we must add to the above an extra demand due to the exposure to salt residue. Plastic materials such as polypropylene are usually the most highly recommended given that they do not rust like metal furniture does.

Whether for a beach or pool area, choosing light colours such as white or beige is recommended given that they usually provide greater resistance to sunlight and will boost the lightness of the surroundings.  See https://furniturepro.com.au/product-category/lounges/sunloungers/

If you are looking for sun loungers for a landscaped area, you have a bit more freedom in terms of materials, although you should also consider aspects such as humidity, sun and wind. In terms of colours, if it is a tree-lined area, try dark tones: they will integrate better with the surroundings. On the other hand, in more open areas, light colours continue to be a great option.

Finally, the best sun loungers for bar terraces will be ones that combine comfort with a high stain resistance. These sun loungers or day beds will be available for your customers to use so they can enjoy their refreshments, so it is very easy for small accidents to happen where the fabric becomes stained. A waterproof and stain-resistant material will enable you to clean it easily and always look perfect.

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