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Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use
• Leg: 42mm diameter round pole
• Nano ceramic pre paint treatment with Black powder-coated finish
• 4 x adjustable Feet
• Supplied unassembled – easy to assemble
• Replaceable feet
• Made in Europe


690x390x720H, 690x490x720H, 690x590x720H, 690x690x720H, 740x390x720H, 740x490x720H, 740x590x720H, 740x690x720H, 740x740x720H, 790x390x720H, 790x490x720H, 790x590x720H, 790x690x720H, 790x740x720H, 790x790x720H, 990x390x720H, 990x490x720H, 990x590x720H, 990x690x720H, 990x740x720H, 990x790x720H, 990x990x720H, 1140x390x720H, 1140x490x720H, 1140x590x720H, 1140x690x720H, 1140x740x720H, 1140x790x720H, 1140x990x720H, 1340x390x720H, 1340x490x720H, 1340x590x720H, 1340x690x720H, 1340x740x720H, 1340x790x720H, 1340x990x720H, 1490x390x720H, 1490x490x720H, 1490x590x720H, 1490x690x720H, 1490x740x720H, 1490x790x720H, 1490x990x720H, 1790x390x720H, 1790x490x720H, 1790x590x720H, 1790x690x720H, 1790x740x720H, 1790x790x720H, 1790x990x720H


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